I began a thing twelve years ago – a tiny dream.
The dream was to set up a space where anything
could happen – all the ridiculous ideas in my head
could become reality and support each other.

That dream – with one idea for a chair and some money from a movie
I had just completed- blossomed into a series of fantastical events –
patents, awards, shows across the world
and literally the who’s who experiencing my work,
having that wonderful “Aha” moment that I
so sought after.

Functional art pieces became large scale installations,
restaurant designs and cutting edge technology led
interactive experiences. This journey has been the journey
of my life and as such, both my work and I are at an
inflection point.

I started as a young artist would –
with naive optimism and I didn’t take no for an answer.
Yet, more than a decade later, I realize that the sense of proving myself
then is what held me back – I am not the impostor
or awkward outsider I thought I was.

I am authentic, original and whole
and I would like to love the world with every
experience I create.

I believe that art, if done correctly, heals both the maker
and the person who engages with it – something that
one sorely needs today.

This world we live in as at an inflection point as well-
What value does art hold in a world in conflict? What can I,
as an artist, possibly create, that might be able to, authentically,
make this planet a better place?

Would it be tech-led experiences that give one pause? Should
one grow more trees- marrying them into the very architecture of
everyday life? Should one focus one’s energies on earth ships?

Here I am – letting go, moulting and taking
a deep breath.

Showcased on this website are examples of both functional
objects over the years from my studio, and conceptual artwork
that we have created and showcased around the world.

I am back at the beginning, grateful for the last
decades and optimistic for the next, the sense of an ending and the hope of
a new way of being.

– Lekha Washington