Lekha Washington Studio

Begun a decade ago, Lekha Washington Studio was founded with one central mission – to create products and experiences that had never been done before.

The very core of this Studio is sustainable innovation- one great idea seeding another and so on. This is important because it allows concept driven products to find the time and space to be prototyped to perfection and then finally produced.

At Lekha Washington Studio, quality production meets a great “What if”. Several patents, magazine covers and awards to its credit, entirely on the strength of the idea, this studio hopes to be an oasis for creative thinkers – a place where one is willing to try something out and see it through. Having shown from New York to Germany, Lekha Washington Studio would like to focus on bringing its unique brand of original, functional art to the global market creating the space for experiences that snap one out of the everyday. We believe that it is art that will quite literally heal.

About Lekha Washington

An Actor, poet, sculptor and product designer, Lekha Washington has always been the odd one out.

Lekha had her first solo art show at an early age of eighteen, followed by her debut lead performance in theater. Since then, she has been working consistently towards pushing the bar in the fields of art, product design and performance.

Armed with a dual degree of lifestyle product design and Film direction, Lekha graduated from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. Keenly interested in being on the other side of camera, Lekha’s acting career took off soon after, with lead roles in several languages.

Her passions were two-fold and continued to evolve as she created several pieces of art and design parallel to her busy acting schedule. Lekha Washington founded “Ajji- The Odd Product Company” in 2011 to constantly support innovation and original design. This has since evolved to be called “Lekha Washington Studio”.

With accolades in varied fields, Lekha has been keen on working collaboratively with multiple disciplines to create experiences that allow for a moment of magic.