I count the beginning of my journey as an artist two decades ago,
with my first solo exhibition as an awkward teenager.

My then naïve optimism blossomed into a series of fantasia – a company
that deals with practical magic, collaborations across the world and
participants having that wonderful “Aha” moment that I so sought after.

Sculptures became functional art pieces became large-scale public art and
installation, restaurant designs and technology led interactive experiences.

Through this journey, the journey of my life, I realize that I am no longer the
gawky outsider I thought I was.

I believe that I am unique, authentic and find that I am sitting within myself
beyond the need to be clever or merely liked.

Art, and life, if done right, heals both the maker and the individuals who
choose to engage – something that one sorely needs today.

I would like for my work to gravitate towards a holistic, intentional
experience of taking the participant outside, even if just for a moment, of
her everyday.

I am in the process of shedding notions of reticence, letting go, moulting
and taking a deep breath.

I do hope my work brings you joy.